Greenkraft, Inc. (OTCQB: GKIT) is Capitalizing on the Dramatic Increase in Demand for Clean Energy Trucks Due to Government Incentives

SANTA ANA, Calif., July 12, 2017 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Greenkraft, Inc. (OTCQB:GKIT), a nationally recognized player in the alternative fuel engine and vehicle market is pleased to announce that the Company is getting a dramatic increase in demand for their trucks from various fleet operators all across the country.  This increase in demand is due to the multitude of government incentives available to companies that switch to alternative energy trucks.  Greenkraft is beginning to profit very heavily from this demand increase because the Company is getting orders from truck fleet operators ranging from 10 to 100 trucks, many of which have their own filling stations where they are getting CNG for low prices, as low as $0.50 per gallon. This ultimately translates into millions of dollars of revenue for GKIT, much of which comes directly from these various governmental incentives.

Furthermore, GKIT controls nearly all the market share in the clean energy truck market as they are the only manufacturer offering trucks that run on both clean energy (CNG) Compressed Natural Gas and (LPG) Propane gas.  George Gemayel, CEO of Greenkraft, Inc. says, “Greenkraft is projecting an enormous increase in larger fleet orders which is where the Company will derive a great deal of new revenue.  We have been getting calls from fleet operators all across the country that want to run their fleets with our CNG trucks!”  Sosi Bardakjian, CFO of Greenkraft, Inc. says, “There is nothing better for a CFO to see than increased sales and revenue, and that is exactly what this increase in demand is going to do for the Company.”

Greenkraft, Inc. continues to work diligently to provide long-term value for the Company and its shareholders alike by increasing revenues and executing their clearly defined expansion plan that will allow GKIT to become the #1 source for alternative fuel trucks in North America.  Greenkraft will constantly update the public and its shareholders on all Company progress by way of regular press releases and timely SEC filings.