Greenkraft, Inc. is Launching a Comprehensive Marketing Campaign to Introduce Greenkraft Products to the Entire USA Market

SANTA ANA, Calif., March 23, 2017 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Greenkraft, Inc. (OTCQB:GKIT), a nationally recognized player in the alternative fuel engine and vehicle market is pleased to announce that the Company is preparing to launch a very extensive national marketing campaign that will introduce GKIT’s trucks and engines to nearly every part of the United States through  print ads, trade shows and targeted campaigns.  This new brand awareness for Greenkraft will bring in numerous new customers from all across the country.

George Gemayel, CEO of Greenkraft, Inc. says, “We have been preparing to launch this marketing program for quite some time and following the success we had debuting our products at different shows in the past, the timing cannot be more perfect.  Greenkraft has been growing steadily for years and now we are set to grow exponentially with the addition of several new customers from all part of the country.  Greenkraft is projecting a very dramatic increase in Company revenue in the 2017 fiscal year.”

Greenkraft, Inc. continues to work diligently to provide long-term value for the Company and its shareholders alike by increasing revenues and executing their clearly defined expansion plan that will allow GKIT to become the #1 source for alternative fuel trucks in North America.  Greenkraft will constantly update the public and its shareholders on all Company progress by way of regular press releases and timely SEC filings.