Alternative Fuel Systems

Alt Fuel Trucks

Alternative fuels such as CNG are abundantly available in the USA. We have taken steps to produce conversion systems that would cut our dependence on the use of foreign oil from existing vehicles in the US market. Please see below information about our products and our systems:

Compare Gas and CNG Prices

Gas Vs Cng Prices


CNG and LPG systems Greenkraft is working on for FORD and GM vehicles such as:

Alt Fuel Trucks2


Greenkraft has obtained EPA certifications on different systems and is currently working on several EPA and CARB certifications.


Parts used in the conversion systems are state of the art and are readily available.


Greenkraft has warranty in place for its conversion systems.


Service is available through Greenkraft’s service centers and partners.


Installations are done at Greenkraft’s facilities and participating centers.

Component Diagrams

CNG Component Diagram

Cng Diagram

LPG Component Diagram

Lpg Diagram